Crafty Lunchbox Notes

There’s an interesting read in today’s Wall Street Journal about how companies and parents are getting creative when it comes to lunchbox notes. Personally, I prefer writing my own message or drawing a little picture on a sticky note. But I don’t have time to do it everyday, so I can see why purchasing pre-written notes might be appealing.

Recently, I was flipping through an old magazine with a special feature on dogs. More than 40 dog breeds were profiled with a brief fact and small photo. Knowing that my daughter is a dog fanatic, I decided to cut out all the photos and tape a different one each day to her reusable lunch container. She loved it and couldn’t wait to see which breed was waiting for her the following day. But then a couple days into it, she told me it’d be really nice if there was a message from the dog du jour. Sigh. A mom’s work is never done.

Do you include a note with your child’s lunch?

One Comment to “Crafty Lunchbox Notes”

  1. SO you know I love this one since it includes a focus on dogs:-) Love my S and her love for my favorite passion-Dogs

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