TJ’s Fusilli with Vegetables & Basil Pesto

I got in late from a run this morning and couldn’t bear to think about packing a lunch. Thank goodness the last time I was at Trader Joe’s I had the sense to pick up a single-serving box of frozen Fusilli with Vegetables and Basil Pesto. They’re perfect when you’re feeling lazy about packing lunch. But I only allow myself to get one box at a time; otherwise, I’d be sending S to school with this three times a week.

The ingredients are straightforward, and S digs the pesto pasta so much that she even manages to choke down the accompanying zucchini. She does, however, pick out the red peppers. All you do is nuke the box for five minutes. After it was cooked, I threw in some of the leftover flank steak from earlier in the week to make sure S gets her protein.

P.S. — The fusilli passes my taste test with flying colors, especially for a frozen pasta entree from France. It’s like getting a Thai curry from the Germans. But somehow, it works.

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