The Simple BLT (&A)

I knew this day would come. I was just hoping that I’d have a couple more months. S is getting tired of the variety in her lunch.

“Can’t I eat the same thing more than once or twice?” she asked me yesterday.

I reminded her of my blog and my self-induced challenge to come up with 108 different lunches this year.

She groaned.

“It’s better than eating the same thing every single day, right?” I offered.

S did not respond.

To perk up her spirits, I decided to make her one of her favorite things today: bacon. Admittedly, it’s one of my favorite things, too. Pork fat. Yum. And I wonder why my jeans are so tight.

I opted for the classic BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) sandwich today, but decided to swap out the mayonnaise for some avocado. If you have access to it, I highly recommend Niman Ranch’s applewood-smoked uncured bacon. It is out of this world. Not only does it taste fantastic, it’s also free of nitrates and nitrites, hormones and antibiotics. Yes, bacon isn’t exactly low in fat, but I like to tell myself that S is also getting lettuce, tomato and avocado with her lunch—all good stuff. Plus, I loaded her up on fruit, lots of yummy grapes and clementines. It’s all about balance. But that delicate balance may get upset if I have to dedicate an entire category to bacon to get S and me through the school year.

Update:  When I unpacked S’s lunchbox that afternoon, I noticed she had only eaten two bites of her sandwich. What?! Her explanation: “The lettuce was disgusting!”

Um, okay. I actually kind of believed her, because typically S likes lettuce. But my adult brain wanted to scream, “Why didn’t you just take the lettuce off then? The rest of the sandwich was perfectly good.”

Instead, I simply made a mental note that BLTs would not be in her future.  Then, I gave the leftover bacon to my sweet German Shepherd.

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