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November 16, 2011

Gotta Try It: Brussels Sprouts (with bacon and maple syrup)

I’m kicking off a new category called “Gotta Try It.” The idea came to me last week when I was at Trader Joe’s with C. I was looking for some just-ripe bananas when C came up to me and shoved a huge stalk of Brussels sprouts into my face. “Can we get this, Mommy?” he asked.

I was taken aback, because he had never eaten Brussels sprouts before. I’ve never made them because admittedly I assumed the kids wouldn’t like them. After all, I have a hard time getting my husband to eat more than a few. So I figured, why bother?

“I’ll buy them, if you’ll cook them with me and eat them,” I told C. I’ve always found that  if the kids cook a dish with you, they’re more apt to eat it.

“Okay,” he said.

Still not convinced, I asked, “Why do you want them?”

“Because they’re so pretty,” he answered.

Fair enough. They are indeed beautiful on the stalk.

I took the Brussels sprouts home, determined to find a recipe that would make even the most finicky eaters a fan of these mini cabbages. Combing through recipes on the Web, I knew immediately when I found the winning recipe: roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon and maple syrup. What self-respecting human doesn’t like bacon and maple syrup? And nothing says fall like Brussels sprouts, bacon and maple syrup.

Together, C and I cut the Brussels sprouts off the stalk, rinsed them and  halved each one of them, putting them all in a large bowl. Then, we  added three slices of chopped bacon (raw), 2 tablespoons of maple  syrup and olive oil, and a pinch of salt. We tossed it all together and  then spread it out in a single layer on a baking sheet. I let it roast in a  preheated 400-degree oven  for 20 to 25 minutes, turning it a couple  times, until the Brussel sprouts were tender and caramelized and the  bacon was crisp and golden.

The results? Deelish. No doubt it was a “make-again,” as my family likes to say. C loved them and happily popped them in his mouth like popcorn. S was a little hesitant and said they were on the bitter side, but she loved the outer leaves that fell off the sprouts and turned crispy like a chip. Next time, I’m going to add a chopped Granny Smith apple to the mix and maybe a hint of balsamic vinegar.

Just think: my son had to ask for Brussels sprouts before I even considered letting him try them. Now, it’s your turn to try this recipe. Go on, already—and report back. By the way, this would make the perfect Thanksgiving side dish.

September 6, 2011

Turkey, Bacon and Avocado Wrap

As I mentioned before, S is not a big fan of sandwiches. But for some reason, a wrap is okay. Go figure. Children are fickle that way.

Today I loaded up a piece of whole wheat lavash bread with her favorite ingredients. First, I spread the entire wrap with avocado (a great, healthful condiment loaded with fats that are good for growing brains!), filled the bottom half with smoked turkey (free of nitrates and nitrites, of course) and two pieces of crispy bacon (again, uncured and free of preservatives). And I threw in a handful of chopped romaine lettuce for a little extra crunch. I wanted to include a tomato, but that usually makes things too soggy by the time the lunch bell rings.

Roll it up and cut in half, and you have lunch for two kids—unless you have one very hungry eater. I added some baby carrots as a side, as well as some cut-up watermelon. For her morning snack, I tossed in a frozen tube of yogurt.

And that, my friends, is a wrap!

Turkey, bacon, avocado wrap

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