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September 23, 2011

Homemade Mac and Cheese with Swiss Chard

The crinkly whisper in the air signals the advent of fall. And nothing complements the cooler weather like macaroni and cheese. Not the kind that comes in a blue box with a packet of yellow powder. But the one that gets all crispy on top from being baked.

Inspired by the chilliness, I made my first macaroni and cheese last night. I wanted to see if I could make a delicious mac and cheese with brown rice pasta and goat milk products. And I wanted to use up some swiss chard. It wasn’t a cheap casserole when it was over, but it was more than tasty. I used goat gouda, goat cheddar and goat monterey jack, as well as goat milk. Although I used brown rice pasta, it wasn’t gluten free because I used regular flour for the cheese sauce and panko breadcrumbs to top it off. Looking back, I could’ve used rice flour and crumbled rice crackers.

I combined a recipe from Alton Brown and Epicurious. Both included swiss chard. Topping the casserole with cumin seed really made the dish stand out. But I only put it on half the casserole, in case it was too adult for the kids.

It packed easily in S’s lunch today, as does most pasta.

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