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October 28, 2011

Lunch in Portugal – Part 2

Smoked salmon. It is everywhere in Portugal. They have it for breakfast and they have it for lunch. And by smoked I mean, think lox and bagels not cedar plank.

At breakfast, you’ll find it with some bread; at lunch, it’s typically served with cream cheese on a sandwich, with some greens and maybe a tomato. The best part is, S and C love smoked salmon. On the downside, it’s expensive stuff in the U.S.

But I’m glad we can add something new (and full of omega-3’s) to our lunch repertoire. Yesterday, the kids tried a smoked salmon pasta salad with an herb cream sauce, capers, cut-up grapes, croutons and chives. It was surprisingly decent, considering the strange cornucopia of ingredients. But if I were to try to re-create something similar in my kitchen, I’d either make the dish warm or whip together a vinaigrette for the salad. And croutons on top of a pasta salad is too carb-y for me, so I’d eliminate one of the two. Plus, I’d add some kind of vegetable. Cherry tomatoes are the first to come to mind.

Let me know if you come up with your own concoction.


October 23, 2011

Lunch in Portugal – Part 1

I’m in Portugal this week, so I thought it’d be a good opportunity to find out what the Portugese eat for lunch. Like the rest of Europe, the bakery/cafe plays a big part in day-to-day life. There’s at least one on every street corner. In fact, it appears to be the meeting place for lunch. From sweet egg custard tarts to savory croissants and mini quiches, the choices are endless. The locals aren’t afraid to eat a quiche for lunch, followed by an almond tart for dessert. And if you’re an adult, it’s all washed down with an espresso.

We’ve tried quiches filled with spinach and tomato, ham and cheese, and spinach and cheese. All have been obscenely delicious. I’m inspired to make my own when I get home. But I’ll probably make a lighter version with phyllo dough instead of the traditional pie crust. Admittedly, the crust here has been perfectly flaky and buttery.


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